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Soy and EWCM?

Hi All!

Need some insight from people how use soy isoflavones. I took soy CD3-CD7 in order to try and make myself ovulate earlier.

Everything is saying I am in my fertile window, cervix high and open, and little cramps I get just before O. However, normally I have copious amounts of EWCM 5 days before O-really insane amounts. I have had a tiny tiny bit this cycle but not much else. I am CD17, and normally O around CD23, so if I am in my fertile window it has moved up my O.

I heard soy works like clomid and clomid can reduce EWCM, but does the same happen with soy?

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Soy does not work like clomid for everyone , I know it doesn't for me, it actually delays my ovulating. Sounds like you might be getting close to ovulating though.

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