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thought to warn everyone


I thought it would only be right to give everyone the heads up n this so they can avoid disappointment. last cycle I brought a 3 pack of Clearblue plus pregnancy tests I POAS and immediately got a at home I also had some pink dye tests so I tested on them and got so I did a 2nd Clearblue test and I got a bfp straight away and I don't mean faint shadow it was a very blue line. so I decided to run the 3rd test under the tap and it was an immediate bfp as well. same day af arrived... so i just want to warn all you ladies as i definitely got excited thought for a moment there I was pregnant I'm just glad i retested with a pink dye test. and I would hate for some of you ladies to endure being duped by these tests I honestly think they need to be taken off the market please for your own sanity don't buy them the tap waters bfp was even darker than my bfp i wish i had taken some photos as a reference.

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It sounds like ClearBlue tests are worthless! Yeesh that sucks, I'm glad you had the other test right there to double-check!

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