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So Upset (rant)

OH and I are TTC our second child together (I have 3 children from my first marriage). We were NTNP for 7 months with no luck since my cycles were MIA thanks to breastfeeding. Finally, I ovulated on March 31 and actually got pregnant but ended up having a chemical

The silver lining was that at least my cycles finally returned so we could start full TTC instead of NTNP. I was really excited about that because I assume it's going to be a long journey to get pregnant again and I was ready to get a jump start and hopefully end up with the age gap we wanted.

So I quit bleeding after a week and started taking OPKs around cd14. I'm now cd23 and *still* haven't gotten a positive. My OPKs will get a little bit darker then get light again, then get darker, then lighter. I also started to get decent cm, then it dried up, then I started getting it again, then it dried up again.

I am just so frustrated. I'm upset with having long cycles, I'm upset that all I can do is sit and wait and hope things start happening and my body cooperates. I'm so, so upset that I've had yet another loss. I just wish it were even a little bit easier for me to get pregnant. It's so disheartening.

Sorry for the pointless thread but I needed to vent and my DH's response is just "things will all work out" which doesn't really help me feel better. He tries to understand, but just can't.

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I'm really sorry that it's been so hard for you. TTC is a big pile of poo when everything is going right but when things start to go wrong it's just hell. I really hope you get a positive OPK soon and more importantly your bfp!

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