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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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A question on nausea?

I'm pretty sure I ovulated between the 25-28, but we tried enough that I feel happy with it. My baseline is always 97.4 and it started to rise on the 29th and has gone up to 98 which never happens (based on me testing the same time every morning). I actually expect my temp to be lower since I have all the windows open on cold nights because I get really over heated at night (is that a symptom cause it sucks).

Besides REALLY sore nips (also something that never happens until two days before AF and that's not coming till around the 11th) there's been the nausea.

But if the egg hasn't implanted would I be getting sick? This seems really early to me. And I don't mean I feel a little bleh, I mean I start to sweat and I get dizzy when I try to stand.

I did vomit once (on the 2nd) and that was scary. I will never eat eggs again, thank you.

I guess my question is, is it possible to have nausea this early??? I just got over a stomach flu a few weeks ago but I wasn't vomiting, so I hope this is not a flu...

How early have y'all gotten nauseous?

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