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Myo inistol

I have spoke to a lot of ladies and someone recommend this.

My background is 2 previous cycles i havnt od. This cycle my post o temps are low but inhave chaned how i am temping i wake up during the night i used to adjust the time to 6am which is when i somethimes get up this cycle i have dont my temps.for.about 3 or 4am when i get up for.toilet. also last cycle first cycle using vitex and im not sre it agrees with me. My 21 day test showed no o lar cycle should be testing 21 day tomorrow but im leaving it as i think either vitex or my son going to hospital has screwed my cycle.up.

Anyway i have a weird cycle. 32 days vitex shortened it by 5. Usually have a 10 day lp. Sometimes 9.

Im wondering if inisitol would be suitable or should i wait to see.if i am diagnosed with pcos as it aays its for.ppl with pcos i have been told i may have it with lh level but its not high enough to be a concern. I am going on a low card to try and help. Just dont know what to do. I am terrified its going to say im not.ovulation but im also not menopausal ive bee tested. Just dont know my options. I know there is progesterone cream which is natural which might be an option but this woman said inistol is great and i should get it. I dont want to make my situ worse. Its such a minefield.

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