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Hypothyroidism and LP spotting

*two disclaimers: first, I'm posting this both here and the general TWW threads. Secondly, please only answer if you have hypothyroidism or have real medical knowledge.

Recently, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, started synthroid, but still waiting before I go back to dr to check levels. All this to say, I haven't had much of a Chance to talk with my dr yet and have only researched. I read that mid cycle bleeding in LP is common for hypothyroids- is this your experience? I have it every few months around 7-9 dpo, and I always convince myself it's IB, even though I now that's uncommon

What's your LP spotting experience?

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I personally do not spot mid cycle. I'll spot a day before my period and a day after, but that's it.

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