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Anyone want to try myo inistol with me?

For anyone that doesnt know my inistol is a b vitamin but wont be in ur prenatals. it can help if your irregular or dont o have pcos or even if there is nothing wrong anyone can take it. it balances and regulates blood sugar levels and promotes healty eggs. its not suitable for diabetics.

info here

So I have been taking red clover for a while. i had a cycle where i was late for a month (would now be 3 cycles ago) i had high post o temps a string of bfns and my doc said i cant have od. i then found out some ladies - and its rare - have a high post o temp even if they dont o. AF arrived and as my cycles can have a short lp of 10 days i read i should try vitex and macca. The next cycle i had a 21 day bloods and my progesterone level was 12 so didnt o again this cycle i used red clover (i conceived my son using this) and vitex but was so down i had a few drinks and binged ate, and i think the sugar messed my cycle up. and 2 days before o my son was in hospital turns out he might have asthma but he couldnt breathe so was scary, so either my poo diet or stress caused no o as af started8 dpo. so obvs didnt o again (my diet probably hasnt been great for a few months). plus my post o temps were so low and i dnt normally have that. i did stop using vitex a few days ago my gut feeling it doesnt agree with me. about 5 days ago i went back on to a no sugar low carb protein diet and lost quite a few lbs so my bmi is now just in the healthy range. im determined im going to be good no drinking coffee and stick to my diet and im just waiting for my myo inistol to arrive. ladies have seen a difference in the 1st cycle of use even got pg on 1st cycle so although im not yet diagnosied with pcos im pretty sure i have as i have as i always thought i had low progesterone

my aim is to have a good result in my next 21 blood test which unless my bbt sucks again will be this cycle

so does anyone want to join this journey i have heard so much good stuff about this

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