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Tww and driving myself crazy

Hi everyone. I'm 30 and ttc #1. We've been ttc for 6 months now, I'm currently 10dpo and driving myself crazy. I know it's a common thing to symptom spot and have done it myself previously, however this time I'm experiencing new things.
My symptoms are nausea on/off
Feeling thirsty a lot
Feeling really full after not eating much
Cramps (mainly lower left of abdomen)
Occasional headaches
The last 3 nights I'm unable to sleep properly,takes me ages to get to sleep (not unusual for me) but I keeping waking up throughout the whole night (very unlike me)
The strangest thing is 2 nights ago my bf and I dtd and straight afterwards I had pink blood,pale pink...*tmi alert* whilst dtd it felt 'different' more sensitive (wasn't rough) the pink blood wasn't a lot and was gone by morning. Period isn't due until Monday (5days from now)
Has anyone experienced the pink bleeding after dtd and found out they were bfp? Any advice gratefully taken xx

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I didn't want to read and run, though I've never had the pink spotting after DTD as a result of pregnancy. It's possible it could have been implantation bleeding though - that can be anything from spotting to a light 'period' type bleed. I have my fingers crossed for you

Baby dust to you!

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