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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC but what the heck was that?

Hello everyone. I've been pregnant 4 times, and have 2 kids. Hubby wants number baby 3. I wasn't going for it for years but I'm finally on board. In the past he looks at me funny and bam I get pregnant. First pregnancy: I was on the pill, second was an accident (miscarriage) third I was off the pill only 2 weeks when I conceived, #4 i had a IUD for 2.5 years and I had a weird long period and I use happen to have to have gyno appointment. Doctor said I was 5.5 weeks pregnant but I was gonna lose it within hours.

So now we started trying. My period was due on Thursday/Friday. On Saturday morning at 5am I took a test and got a negative. When back to sleep and Shen I stood up I felt blood. I went the bathroom and put a pad on but nothing all day except a little darn I wiped. All day Saturday and Sunday just a little blood when I wipe but never needed the pad.

Took another test on Monday. Still negative.

When I was pregnant with #3 I actually thought I had a period but it turns out it wasn't. The bleeding was slightly worst with that pregnancy than this weekend. How posible is to to get a negative test 3 days after period due.

I really did feel pregnant over the weekend. Right now I have dull ache in my lower abdomen and my breast are bigger and soft. What does everyone think?

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