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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Is it possible I am pregnant?

Hi ladies,

New here. My husband and I have been alternating between actively trying and waiting to try for the past 9 months. This month he hasn't been as eager to try (he said he is not quite ready yet). However, we did have sex 3 days before ovulation and he pulled out. Ordinarily I would think the chances are extremely low, but then we had sex again soon after and he did not urinate in between. He did not end up ejaculating a second time because we were both tired and stopped. I've heard before that you can get pregnant from this. Has anyone here ever got pregnant from this type of situation or know someone who has? Just wondering how likely it really is. I would be thrilled to be pregnant. My husband is not quite ready yet, but at the end of the day I know he would love a baby!

Please let me know your experiences. Thanks!

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I'd say it's possible, but not probable.

I know how you feel, we've been varying between condoms, NTNP and a few months of actively trying since last September. DH is always changing his mind.

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