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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Positive opk but spotting? PIC

I am 11 dpo and af due in 2 days. I have a lot of weird nerve pain and tingling and went to the hospital today (in my face and legs long story) but they didn't run tests cause they chalked it up to allergic reaction. Anyways

I got home from the hospital this afternoon and had brown blood on my panty liner. So I figure af came early (never does) and out in a tampon.took a hpk just cause and bfn. Hour or so later took out and had red blood and brown blood. Wiped and it wasn't red just brown and kind of had chunks in it. Thought it was really weird. So I took an opk just cause and it's positive, I'm so confused. I didn't take a opk when I ovulated just going off my app. How can I be ovulating 2 days before af, or when bleeding. Plus negative hpk


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