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Temping on graveyard shift

During my last cycle, I failed to temp as much as I should have. I am wanting to check my temp everyday at 7am this cycle. Problem is, at least twice a week I work an overnight shift from 10pm to 6am. I take a nap immediately after I get home.

On the mornings I get home from my night shift, should I just skip temping for that day? Or can it still be accurate if I, for example, go to sleep at 6am for a bit, and then wake up again at 7am to check my temp?

Also, could I just temp when I wake up at noon that day? It will be 5 hours after my off-days temps are taken, but I will have slept for 6 hours.

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Personally if I were you, I wouldn't temp. I would use opks instead. Being off by a few hours here and there or having broken sleep is one thing, but sleeping and temping at vastly different times of the day would probably throw your pattern off enough to give incorrect data. It's a hassle anyway, but I wouldn't bother if there's a risk what it tells you might just be wrong. I would try opks and checking cm for a month or two and see how that goes. If you really want to temp, I would only do it the mornings you get a full night of sleep and skip the days you work overnight.

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You could just try it out. I know for me, I could test 8 hours later than usual, and I still get the same result (i've tested my theory a lot lol) but some women are MUCH more sensitive.

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