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Is Early Ovulation after Chemical Pregnancy normal?

Is it normal for an early ovulation after a chemical pregnancy? I am using clear blue digital ovulation, and tested today. I got the flashing smiley, which means high fertility, but not peak. Does this seem normal? I am not suppose to ovulate until next week based upon my normal cycle! I did just have a chemical last weekend. I checked my fertility on Sunday, and it was low. Any thoughts?

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It's not uncommon for some women's bodies to jump-start ovulation after a miscarriage. Are you temping?

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Have you used the digital ovulation test before?

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I'm not sure about after a chemical.

Testing too early could result I more days off the flashing smiley. Last fall i ovulated around cd 38 -ish. The following cycle i did soy isoflavones, i started testing early (like maybe cd 9 or so?) as i wanted to make sure i caught it if the soy isoflavones drastically brought forward ovulation.

I remember having about 14 days of flashing smilies before getting the static smilie and ovulating on cd 26.

I don't know much about cycles post chemical, but it is possible to get several days of flashing smilies before ovulating if testing too early.

Im sorry about your chemical

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I did. I had a chemical and then the month after I ovulated 3/4 days earlier than normal. Back to normal the following month.

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