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Wisdom teeth removal

So hubby and I want to have another baby, but I really want to get my wisdom teeth removed before I get pregnant and have to breastfeed because that obviously makes it harder to have them removed.

The only problem is is that we have to pay out of pocket for the removal which is over $1k. O.O We don't have that kind of money.

I guess I'm wondering what you ladies would do in my situation.

Save money for the removal and put of TTC? Or put off the wisdom teeth removal and TTC right away?

This baby fever has me all crazy. >_<

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Depends on how bad your teeth are killing you. If it's to the point where you have to take a pain pill all the time and interferes with your life then I would save up and and get them removed. If it's not bothering you that bad you can TTC and save up for removal at the same time. It really depends on how you feel. Talk to hubby too and get his opinion.

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