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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cramps Cramps Cramps

Reading lots of conflicting information on symptoms (but then I guess, everyone's experiences are different, aren't they?) I'd love some thoughts on my situation as its very early days on my TTC journey and I'm slightly terrified!

Husband and I decided to TTC at the end of last month.
He's been away for work all this month (good timing, right?) so we only managed the BD once this month, and according to my Ovia and Maya app, it was on my most fertile day. Still didn't really expect anything to happen, and I still don't think it will be that easy and this is all just wishful thinking.

-Fertile days 20th-25th July.
-BD 22nd July
-Constant dull cramps since 24th July
-EWCV with a little pinkish spotting on 27th July
-Constant dull cramps, spots on my face, aches and unusual tiredness
-Today cramps are much heavier & I feel nauseous (it's 9am and I'm at work, doubled over and trying hard not to vom!)

AF isn't due until 7th August and I don't suffer from painful periods at all. They're usually fine and this cramping is confusing me as I'm not used to it. I'm not the type to suffer illness and I fight being sick any time I feel like I am going to be, which isn't very often at all! I have a general feeling that something is up but part of me knows it's highly unlikely to happen to quickly and easily.

I'm approx. 6/7 DPO, is it too soon to test?
I have some of those dip tests from Ebay that are getting mixed reviews. Is it better to wait and see if AF comes?

I'm sure you know what it's like when you're feeling all this thing and just cannot sit still and wait for answers. I'm distracted and finding it impossible to focus on anything else!

Lots of love to those of you feeling the same way!!

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Symptoms definitely vary from person to person and even different pregnancies for the same person, so it's hard to know! I also think sometimes we're so anxiously hoping to notice something significant that the anxiety has an effect on our bodies. :P Cramps definitely can mean pregnancy, though!

It's very rare to get a positive this early even on a very sensitive test. I'd say wait until at least 10 dpo so have a decent chance of a test working. If you can wait until 14 you'll have an even smaller chance of a disappointing false negative.

Good luck!

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You can feel symptoms surprisingly early. I had horrible nausea with my first from 8 dpo and with this baby from 6po. I truly thought I was nuts. I took a test at 10 dpo and it was completely negative. I continued to feel so sick. I really thought my body was just playing a cruel joke on me. I tried to ignore it but finally 14 dpo, my period should have arrived and hadn't and I was so sick I had to leave work early. I took a test the next morning and it was clearly positive. I had really obvious symptoms from 6 dpo that only got stronger. I've never had anything like that when I wasn't pregnant. I also had period cramps this time for several days around 9-10 dpo, which must have been implantation. So I think it's totally possible from what you describe.I would wait a few days to test though personally, at least til 10 dpo and then not to get discouraged if even that shows nothing. My experience definitely shows your body can know you're pregnant well before a test does. Good luck!

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With my LO, I tested in the evening at 8dpo and got a negative. The following morning, I had two bfps! It really depends on the test, though. My Wondfos picked up on pregnancies super early, but the knockoff Wondfos I had (blue stick, lots of chinese on the wrapper) were usually a day or two behind them. Funnily enough, the FR Early Detections were always the very last to get on board!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Still cramping!

Thanks ladies,

I'm still cramping and have the odd pin prick of pain occasionally - these are all brand new feelings! I just feel generally uncomfortable. I don't usually get PMS symptoms until AF is here, so this is strange.

My husband is so unhelpful and thinks it's all just wishful thinking but I think he's as nervous as I am and doesn't want to get his hopes up either! This whole TWW thing is horrible!

I took a text yesterday (10DPO) and this morning (11DPO) and both BFN but it's probably still too soon as AF isn't due until next week. Have fingers and toes crossed & trying not to go crazy in the meantime!

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