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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Anything look abnormal with my results?

I had a baby at 21 with another partner. At 31, my DH and I have been ttc for a whopping 16 months with no luck. I just started Vitex hoping for a miracle. We had two failed IUIs through my OBGYN and moved on to a RE. Paid almost $1000 to him already for a consultation and blood work. Now, I got my results and he wants me to go BACK IN (another $200) to get them and some options. Can anyone see anything abnormal or have had similar results? I can't see the problem being me since I have a child and I am only 31! My husband is so heartbroken (he has low morphology) and we think the problem is him. Can someone help me interpret these results to save us some money? (saving up for what was first recommended - IVF bc of morph issues, but I believe we can do this naturally)
Estradiol 78
LH 7.8
FSH 11.0
Prolactin 16.0
TSH 1.87
DHEAs 31.8
Testosterone 12
Vit D 27.5
AMH 0.734

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I don't know, but I Googled and found this link
Please don't think I'm suggesting you're approaching menopause by the title of the web page! It just seemed informative

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