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TTC baby #2 | introducing myself

Hey everyone!
I used to come to this site quite often when I was TTC my first baby and while I was pregnant but ended up stopping come on here in the middle of my pregnancy. Now I have a 11 month old daughter. I birthed her 100% naturally and unmedicated in a birthing centre and I am still breastfeeding her while also doing BLW. I am 24 years old and will be 25 in the beginning of January. I am engaged to my soulmate/first love and he is 26 years old ♡

I am SO tired due to the fact that she still wakes up quite a bit at night (4+ times a night) but I also think she is going through a sleep regression because of a mix of teething, growth spurt and mental leap.

I know I'll be even more tired pregnant and also taking care of a baby, but it's the price you have to pay when you want to grow your family I guess lol the reason we decided to start TTC again is because I have gotten SO broody and baby fever is back haha if our financial situation was super good I think I would have 6 kids but I'll settle with 2-4 kids. I LOVE the process of labor and delivery.

I am currently 5 dpo expecting my period on September 13th (approximately speaking). I will be testing on September 11th.

Anyhow, nice to meet you all and don't be shy to comment!

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