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Anyone conceived with a short LP?

Hello all

We are waiting to try for a few months but I've been tracking since I've got my periods back since stopping breastfeeding 5 Months ago. I am using cheap ovulation tests and clear blue tests to confirm as well as temping. So it looks like I definately ovulate which is great however my LP is shocking! I know to sustain a healthy pregnancy it needs to ideally be 10-14 days between when you ovulate and get your period. Mine has been...

- 3
- 8
- 8
- 8

What can I take to extend this? I think my progesterone must be low!

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I would see if your doctor is willing to do bloods to check progesterone (usually done 7 dpo, i believe).

What's your cycle length? (typically)

I think that'd be the best first step. They are done herbal supplements that have helped others lengthen their LP, but i would see if you can get your progesterone tested first especially if you're having some LP as short as 3.

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I had my little girl with an 8-10day LP. Currently ttc#2 and averaging 10day LP

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