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Saliva Microscope - Full Ferning?

Hi all!
I bought a saliva microscope about 2 months ago but have only tried it twice so far and I'm still figuring it out. The first time I tried it the sample was full of bubbles so I couldn't read it and the second time (today) I only got saliva over half of the lens!
Anyway, I'm on CD6 today and still having menstrual flow so I expected no ferning whatsoever. However, when I looked through the microscope I saw ferning so I'm trying to decide if it is full ferning or partial ferning...
It will be helpful I'm sure once I've been using the microscope for a while to know what my normal pattern and ferning looks like but for now I'm just looking for some opinions on this lone sample :-)
So sorry for the poor quality of this photo, like I said the saliva is only covering half the lens so it is very hard to get a decent picture.


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Looks like full ferning to me, hopefully will drop off and clear the decks before you actually O

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Sorry for late reply.... Are you still using your scope? I've been using a scope for 2 cycles now. First time years ago and again this cycle.... I must admit i'm still not 100% sure what's considered partial or full.... 2 days ago i put full ferning in FF until today when the test showed more ferning so i considered the other 2 as partial and today as full... Included pics for your comparison.

CD56 or CD19 (from spotting) - partial ferning??? Negative OPK


CD57 or CD20 (from spotting) - partial ferning??? Positive OPK


CD58 or CD21 (from spotting) - FULL ferning??? Negative OPK - Low Temp - Ovulation Day


CD59 or CD22 (from spotting) - Fine Small Ferning??? Negative OPK - Temp Shift - 1dpo???


CD60 or CD23 (from spotting) - Little ferns but very clear - 2dpo???


CD61 or CD24 (from spotting) - Little ferns/transitional - 3dpo officially


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