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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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We are a go...

Hi all.. just a quick intro! Me n DH have been back n forth with trying for another baby for about 6 months now. We've decided to officially start trying in January- so I'm now in the " get the soul & body prep" stage. We've both started taking the pregnacare conception vitamins and iv just ordered a bundle of ovulation tests to start tracking my cycles for the next few months so we have a rough idea of when I ovulate etc.

When would you recommend I start the ovulation tests.. I'm due on tomorrow ish so that will be cycle day 1.

Anything else we should do/consider

Thanks ladies xx

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When I'm just starting out trying to track my cycles with OPKs, I start doing them as soon as AF is gone and the spotting is over, and keep it up 1x daily until I get a positive result followed by one or two negatives. I also really recommend tracking other fertility signs to confirm ovulation, because it's possible to get a LH surge and not pop out an egg. Temping is the best way to do that! Then I use FertilityFriend to track everything (it's amazing).

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