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Opk positive then even darker next day??!!???

So yesterday I got what I thought was my surge, my test line was as dark as the control line, and I got multiple tests like that throughout the day. Then this morning I tested and my line is even darker; it's darker then the control line. So does yesterday still count as my surge day or is it today?

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It's possible to surge more than one day in a row! Sometimes, what's happened is that you've got the surge on the way up (day 1) and on the way back down (day 2). Sometimes, it's just a particularly strong surge.

If you track your other fertility signs, it's easier to pinpoint when you've ovulated in a case like this. If you use FertilityFriend, it will figure it out for you based on your other signs in conjunction with the OPK results.

I had the same thing happen this month -- a positive on day 1, and an even strong positive on day 2. Based on my temp and CM, FertilityFriend determined that I probably ovulated on the 3rd day (first day after the positives that I got a negative).

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