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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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BFP after 2 years ttc!! Using B6

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this!? I'm in shock!!! I have been stalking these boards for almost TWO YEARS, my TTC journey has been a long one, in August we had been TTC for around 21 months, with no luck not even 1 bfp in all of that time. My cycles are around 25 days (never more) and I finally went to the Drs last month to see if anything was wrong. She ordered some blood tests but I was heartbroken and thought id wait a month or so before I went to get them done.

I had read about b6 in the past as a hormone regulator but I had never given it much thought, the only reason I started taking it was because I felt so low and depressed that I was struggling to conceive I wondered if it would help me to feel better mentally. I started taking it on the 4th of September (1st day of my last cycle) I was due on yesterday, aunt flow didn't arrive. I've been here before many times and she always shows her face by the evening but when she hadn't arrived by 9pm I thought I'd do a test... a faint BFP!!!!!! I didn't get my hopes up as I had to squint to look so I did the 2nd test of the pack this morning and there is definitely a line. It's still slightly faint but darker than yesterday. I will buy a digi today and do it tomorrow.

I don't know what to do!!! Other half is at work (he starts at 5am) I haven't told a soul as I think I am in shock and maybe I want the line to be darker?? Anyway the only thing I did differently this month was take a B6 supplement so anyone who is thinking of trying it go for it!!!

If anyone knows how dark I need to wait for the line or how many days past my period I need to be to tell my oh then that would be much appreciated!!! Ahhh!!!!

If anyone thinks I should post this elsewhere as it might help someone let me know.

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If it's a HPT then any line at all (in the time frame!) is positive! It gets darker as hcg rises so test again tomorrow and day after too. Congratulations!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!! I may try that myself

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Congratulations. I'm about to start taking a b complex xx

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Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy 9 months

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