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Left ovary pain during af

Is it normal to have pretty severe sharp intense pain from the left ovary area during AF? The past 2 cycles I have had it and have been close to going to a&e for it. I'm cd2 I had a day of spotting and only started when I started full flow with clots i get cramp when I'm spotting and it seems to die down and intensifies to the left side as soon as heavy bleeding starts the last 2 cycles. My lp is only 9 days and I use soy isofavlones to ovulate or I don't ovulate at all. When in strech it's even worse it feels like it's even started last night and it's still bad this morning. I use codiene and paracetamol at night for leg pain and it doesn't help the pain. I'm starting to worry that since it started 2 cycles into using soy that I'm over stimulating my ovarys or something. When I'm walking and putting pressure on my left leg it is also worse.

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I would maybe stop the tablets and see if that helps xx

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Sounds like you might have a rather large cyst on your ovary? I used to get cysts and they would feel like someone was stabbing me in my ovary! Usually from ovulation until my period.

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