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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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BDing ovulation timing

Hello ladies,

I'm just wondering when the best time to BD during ovulation is? I don't use any OPK's to confirm if I am ovulation or not I only ever go on the face I get unbelievable amounts of ewcm 1 day a month which is mid cycle for me.. so my question is- is it best for me to BD On the day I get the ewcm or is it best the day after etc? Obviously I should bd all around that time for the best chance but I'm just wondering if doing it when I get the ewcm is the best chance to actually conceive?

Thank you

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My understanding is that sperm travel best in EWCM (which is why your body produces it when you're fertile). So when you're producing it naturally, that should be the best day to BD, even if it's a day or two off from your actual O date. But definitely BD in the next few days following just in case.

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