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Can you ovulate from each ovary a few days apart?

I'm on clomid, last month ultrasound confirmed mature follicles each side, and I ovulated as expected from each side. This month my body is going crazy - I had negative 21 day bloods (0.5) so didn't ovulate then (had been unwell so the last dose of clomid may not have been absorbed). Then last week I had ovulation pain on my left side. Today I've had a faint positive pregnancy test (although honestly I seem to always have faint lines or line eye) and also a near positive opk and ovulation pain on my right side. I don't know what's going on? Anyone have any ideas? Is it true there is always a small amount of hcg in your system? Just as the tests I've got are quite sensitive and that may explain the line?

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Yes, you can have up to 5 hCG in your system when not pregnant, but this isn't enough for pregnancy tests to detect in your urine. The only test I am aware of which apparently has a threshold of 6.5mIU is the curved FRER, which may detect low amounts, to my knowledge other tests are 10mIU or above.
I'm unsure about the double ovulation thing

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