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4 days late .... anyone get a late BFP?

Wow its good to be back, i used this site all the way through with my son who is about to turn 6 in 3 weeks and really recommend it! We have decided to start trying again, not pro-actively but not using contraception, so when it happens it happens ... however ...

I miscarried August just gone, then September period came as normal, now I am 4 days late, not a single symptom! My boobs always hurt before AF, but I have no symptoms other than completely exhausted all the time, just want to sleep at my desk at work constantly!
I have done so many pregnancy tests and all BFN, cheap ones and first response ones!

I have never been late or missed a period, i am going crazy! I don't feel pregnant but also do not feel AF will be arriving anytime soon! Went to GP yesterday she said to leave it another week if still negative then they'll get me in for an examination. They would not do a blood test.
(Also p.s. she said do not waste money on expensive tests, cheap ones are fine and usually work better).

I have a history of CIN 3 cells and had various loop biopsys and laser treatment so I have no idea where my mind is at yet!

Has anyone ever felt like this, zero symptoms but then got a BFP finally?

(Sorry tried to keep it short - failed)

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