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Painful Uterus Around Ovulation

Anyone ever experienced this? Last night (a few hours or maybe a day past O) I woke up to my uterus feeling like labor contractions around 5 cm (aka... pretty intense). Itís like severe gas pains but only in my uterus, and my uterus was totally tightened up too, at least at the beginning. Feels almost like a Charlie horse. Itís happened two other times in the last six or so months, but my OB and nurses were basically like 🤷*♀️ Itís so hard to describe so Iíve had no luck with Dr. Google, either

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Cramping around ovulation is normal for some women, but yours sounds pretty intense. I had something similar when I was 18 and my OB/Gyn ordered some sort of special ultrasound for my uterus to make sure the blood was flowing properly to it and to my ovaries, tubes, etc. Might be worth looking into, although everything looked perfect with mine.. my severe cramping happened a few more times but doesn't happen anymore.

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I get intense cramping and a muscle soreness feeling after I ovulate on Clomid...I like it because it tells me that it's working! Never had it prior to Clomid though

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