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ms sunshine
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Short lp what worked for you

Been ttc for a while my lp is sometimes 10 days but probably every 2 or 3 cycles dips to 9 i have had progesterone tested it was low and no ovukation and im waiting to do another test. When i first startes ttc i was using red clover blossom and i had 3 losses. After using it a while i think it increased my estrogen too much as i started getting estrogen dominence signs. I stopped taking it and my lp dropped to 9 so after a few cycles of low lp i startes to use maca root. It has made my cycles more stable they were 32 days plus now a regular 29 days but it hasnt increased my lp. Any ideas how to do this naturally. When inwas on red clover my lp was 10 or 11 days so i dont know if to go back on this. I have just bought b6 50mg which supposed to help. Vitex doesnt agree with my it stopped me ovating altogether so thats no an option. My diet and exercise is good. No sugar dairy low carbs. So im at a loss of what to try

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How frequently are you exercising, and how intense? I have been working out almost every day for about 8 months. My LP was only 7 days last cycle, and I am pretty sure it is due to the amount I am exercising.

I have started B complex this cycle.

Good luck

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Look into Bioidentical progesterone cream. You can buy it from amazon. Use it during the tww only but it should help. Good luck!

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pregnancy care tablets lengthened mine to 9 day lp and i have had a few children keep trying gl

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I conceived my daughter with a 10 day LP.

Good luck

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