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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Need help on tracking cm

Hi ladies, Iím struggling with this whole TTC business. Iíve been pregnant twice (one Mmc and one healthy boy in 2010). Both pregnancies I fell pregnant the first cycle. That was 8 years ago... Iím now 32 and on cycle 3 of ttc. I know itís not a long time to be trying but Iím not great with it. Iíve only been guessing when Iím ovulating using a period tracker app and taking notice of any ovulation pains(which is useless as I seem to have them quite a lot throughout my cycle) can anyone help me out on using the cm tracking method please? I know the basics as in ewcm is fertile but thatís about it. Thanks in advance ladies xx

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I'd start by downloading the FertilityFriend app and running through their tutorial. It'll explain the basics of tracking your fertility signs, including CM and what the various textures mean/how to tell what is what.

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