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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Originally Posted by counting View Post
Napamermaid! I see your signature! Congrats!
Thanks am absolutely thrilled. Didnt expect a bfp at all.

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I'm on month 2 of ttc #4. Just about to enter the tww. It usually happens either on the first or second try.

All the best with your pregnancy x

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Old Nov 11th, 2017, 20:20 PM   23
Tasha S.
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Hi girls!

I'm waiting 4 more periods to TTC #4--DH got a new job and wants to be past the probation period when baby #4 comes along, but I thought I'd join this thread and cheer you ladies on! I'm presently 6 DPO.

Napamermaid: Congrats!!

Mumofwon: How is the TTW coming along?!

Counting: I TOTALLY get you--I'm feeling pretty anxious to have all my children earthside. I'm totally impatient to TTC, and sad that I have to do the responsible thing and wait 3 more full cycles.

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Old Nov 13th, 2017, 02:54 AM   24
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I got my IUD remowed three weeks ago and now I'm in the TWW on 2-3 DPO (I think). If I get pregnant it will be our fourth child. Since this is my first month without IUD I'm not that sure how my cycle is working, but analysing my discharge and cervix I'm pretty sure I ovulated last weekend and we managed to BD on friday so I really hope I get a bfp next week! I really don't think I'm gonna be patient enough to wait longer than around 10 DPO until I take a test. When I got pregnant with my third child AF was due only 10 DPO so if my body works like that then AF is due sooner than 26th. Well, I'll just have to wait and see and analyse everything while I wait

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Old Nov 13th, 2017, 03:15 AM   25
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Hi ladies,

I think I’ll join your group. We have three kids and recently experienced our second loss a few weeks ago. We really want to add another baby to our brood. My body has been all over the place since having the implanon removed a few months back which resulted in a pregnancy that turned into a loss at exactly 6 weeks. I bled for 18 days and am now on the first ‘cycle’ of ttc since that loss. Needless to say it is now day 47 since the day of my miscarriage and have had no other period, ff says I ovulated 13 days ago (I temp) had some spotting last night and a bit this morning, but now nothing. I thought af was on her way due to a huge temp drop but nada.

Sorry for the long winded story there. So here I am ttc my fourth viable pregnancy. I really hope we all get to see that wonderful bfp real soon.

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Old Nov 29th, 2017, 15:12 PM   26
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Hello ladies! My DH and I just decided to try for a 4th. DH is one of 6 kids and I’m one of 4 so we both come from big families. I have 3 boys ages 8, 6, and 4. The part I’m most nervous about is the financial aspect of adding another child. It’s so scary to me. We’ve gotten very comfortable with where we are now in all areas of life. This will definitely shake things up a bit for all of us. But I know we can do it. It’s just a little daunting to figure out at first. I’ll be 35 this year as well. So I’m not sure how that is going to play a role in all this. So I’m hopeful but cautious. But I’m so glad to meet more of you here!

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