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3 days late

So Iím 3 days late today...first month TTC after getting mattied (been trying for a total of 2.5 years). I really wanted to test this morning but OH doesnít. He thinks I need to wait a few more days, because we always get our hopes up just to have them dashed. So now I feel I should wait. I havenít had any Ďsymptomsí really; my resting heart rate is a little higher than normal according to my Fitbit (RHR is usually around 50-53bpm but itís way up at 65-70bpm). This morning I took my temp for the first time in months (I charted religiously for over a year before deciding to take a break) and my BBT was 36.8, which is higher than normal for Post-O (I never went above 36.6, except for when I was pregnant/had a chemical) and I had thrush last week which is unusual. But other than that, I just feel normal. A few very mild cramps but noting to suggest AF is on her way 🤷🏼*♀️ I ordered a test to be delivered today, but now I dunno whether to wait it out or just POTS and get it over with 😂

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POTS and get it over with i say

I don't think i could wait much longer if it was me as i'd be symptom spotting like crazy, but that's just me

Good luck! please keep us posted x

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