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8 DPO Can someone please help me?

Good Morning I am currently 8 days past ovulation I don't know if it is still too early to tell if I am expecting or not but here are my symptoms. Over the past 5 days I have been feeling bloated. Sometimes its extreme others its moderate, every now and then I get this metallic taste in my mouth, I am sensitive to smell but not nauseous. I smell certain things that no one else smells until we reach the odor. For the past 4 days I have been urinating frequently especially during the a.m. I do things without realizing it and the person who notices is my mom. For example I've been rubbing my stomach a lot, my lower stomach itches right about my panty line but below my pant line, If I'm wearing a cover up I tend to cover up my stomach. Maybe it's just me but can someone please help me. People also say that there are times when I walk funny (I don't believe this has anything to do with pregnancy but who knows lol) Thanks ladies!!!

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Have you taken a test?

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If you’re 8 dpo the last 5 days would be irrelevant.. implantation wouldn’t happen until at least day 5/6 at the VERY earliest.. so no hcg would be made to produce ‘pregnancy’ symptoms

So anything you’d be feeling prior to now would be general post ovulation.. going forward in the next few days, I’d take a test, because if you were pregnant hcg would start to build up and actual pregnancy symtoms could start

Good luck

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