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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Using Blood on Pregnancy Test Kit

Hey Ladies,

Good Morning To All!

I was surfing the net when i came across a post about some ladies tried using their blood diluted on the Home Pregnancy Test Kit which was meant for urine.

And surprisingly they got Positive on it!

They mentioned some applied about 3 drops of water with 3 drops of blood, can some even drop concentrated blood into the test kit and got results too!

Anyone had tried it? LOL!

I was quite interested to know if it's possible!

Since I could only conceive on January 2018 due to my MMR Vaccine shot, I would love to know and maybe join in your journey into motherhood.. Hehehe!

Anyway, do share if anyone has tried and hows the results!

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I tried it on a couple cycles. One cycle it gave me an evap. The other it didn't work because the blood clotted on the test strip.

Personally, I found it to be a waste and wouldn't do it again.

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How bizarre!

I've never heard of this at all.

Would kind of like to give it a go though. Just as an experiment.

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