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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC - Need Some Advise Please :)

Hey everyone. My husband & I have been ttc for 6 months now. We are both 23. My last period was October 12th. My cycles are on average 30 days but on occasion have been up to 34 and never earlier than 28 days.

Today CD 21 (Nov 1st), i had creamy cm which i believe is just a sign of ovulation is now over?

We have had sex almost every night since my period was over except for 2 days which where just random days throughout the last couple weeks.

Every month my boobs start hurting around 2 weeks before my period is about to begin and continues until a day or two before my period starts.

2 days ago my boobs started hurting (they really really hurt but this is normal) but according to my cm that's also when i started ovulating. Because they hurt the same as every month, at the same time, i kind of feel like my period will come.

There really is no way to know if i am or am not pregnant yet. Would my boobs not hurt if i was pregnant or hurt more? I am so confused and don't want to give up hope just because it seems to be the same as every other time.

Oh, and honestly I really don't know if my boobs hurt because my period is coming or because of ovulation? Any thoughts?

Thank you

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The best way of knowing when you ovulate is to take OPKs and temp. My boobs hurt when AF is due and when pregnant

Good luck x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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If it's every month then it's ovulation

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