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Ovulation test confussing me aahh!!

Hi everyone, we are trying for our fourth baby my period just returned last month. My son will be 1 next week but still breastfeeding. Anyway I'm on what should be cycle day 16. I haven't had a period for so long but I think my usual ovulation day would have been cycle day 14. I've been testing with cheap tests this month. I have 2 different brands one from eBay and one from Poundland. The cheap one has been throwing off really dark lines so I'm not sure if my cycle is still a bit messy from breastfeeding but the one from Poundland literally isn't throwing off any second lines at all. I bought a new box wondering if it was that batch but it's still doing the same. I did use this brand last month when we tried to catch the first egg before my first period and it seemed to work fine. I have no idea which to go by!. A few days ago the eBay cheap test looked like it was almost positive then it went light again and now today looks positive. Anyone had this problem?. I've never had this issue before. I've attached a photo.

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Those are both negative. I think some brands just have more dye in than others which is why they look different. In my experience the strength of the test line can fluctuate throughout the cycle. Hope you get your positive soon!

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Agree with PP - both negative. The test line should be at least as dark as the control line. For me, it always got way darker. Until it gets to that point count everything else as negative!

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when i was bf mine would go dark to light and continue like that until i got a true positive but that was when ds was over 20 months old good luck you could also try temping

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