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Getting fed up

So I thought I had found the right thing to help me ovulate soy isofavlones, I ovulated 3 cycles on them I then tried again and I'm currently cd 36 with no sign of ovulation. I stopped temping on Sunday as I started spotting for 3 days and thought af was here and the cycle was anovulatory. The spotting stopped and here I am.

I'm getting so fed up of this it's been 3 years, 3 years and only 3 cycles I have ovulated and then when I did ovulate my lp was only 9-10 days. I'm lost I don't know what I'm supposed to do, we had been to the fertility clinic and they did scans etc to see why I don't ovulate but couldn't find why. I was sent away with 3 stone to lose. I lost some then my relationship had problems. I've tried vitex it didn't help at all, then I tried soy and was so hopeful when I ovulated then my lp was short, I bought progesterone cream for this cycle to end up not ovulating. I feel like there's always something in the way of getting pregnant it's starting to get me down. I'm so tempted to give up and return to the pill to see if 3 months on that can regulate me.

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Hi Nataliieexo!!

How frustrating for you!!!!! I understand the frustration of not ovulating and being irregular because of it, so my heart goes out to you. ��

**Edited because I skipped the fact that Vitex did nothing for you. Sorry!! My bad**
Have you heard of Vitex-Agnas Castas? I took my first this morning in the hope of regulating my hormones and hopefully ovulation.

Any idea why it didn't do anything for you? How long were you taking it? What mg per day?

The link to my TTC journal is in my signature below.

Please come by and say hi and follow my journey, I would love to be Ovulation Seeking Buddies!! ❤️

All the best of luck xx

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