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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Experiences coming off the Depo Provera Shot.

Hey ladies, I'm looking for other women who have been on the demo proverb birth control shot. What were your experiences with TTC after going off of it. I had 2 injections and I'm now 8 months TTC and have no luck. My cycles are still wacky and I'm so frustrated.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I am just coming off the depo after 6 years so I’m looking for advice as well

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I had to have Hormone Replacement Therapy because I didn't have a period for 6 months. I was not in the right place for a pregnancy and that was weighing quite heavily on my mind. It took with the therapy, 8 months for my period to start and a further couple of months for my cycle to fall into a predictable pattern again.

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I used depo for about 18 months. And it took 9 months for my periods to return, and from there they went on a normal cycle. But at that time we weren’t TTC, we were pulling out. Some advise going on the pill to help regulate your period again.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I wish I knew about the after effects after depo! I researched TTC after depo about 2 weeks before my shot would end (as me and OH had decided we wanted to try at that point), and heard some right horror stories! I was thinking to myself oh my goodness TTC is going to be put on hold until my periods even come back (and apparently that can take around 10 months).

However I was very lucky and 4 weeks after the shot ran out, I got a period! I'm now currently on my second AF since depo, and my cycle has been 33 days. 33 days is a little longer than my old cycles before BC, but I am hoping that they stay regular. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating though, but i'm staying positive.

Yes, there are some horrible things that depo can do to your cycle, but I think I was super lucky, as I only had one shot and lucky that we planned at that time otherwise I could of got another shot, not realising the long term effects, and suffered later on.

I'm sorry you're having such struggles, I've heard going onto the pill can help regulate your cycles, and quite a few women have had success from it, you could ask your doctor?

Good luck x

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