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Both. If I didn't track things I would be stressed out not knowing what was happening, but at the same time I still find it stressful tracking because although I know what's happening and when, if there are any alterations it can be confusing and it's also pressure. You know when you're about to ovulate (or at least have a good idea) so instead of having sex just for pleasure it feels as if you're on a mission, and like you must have sex then. This can put pressure on both myself and my husband, to automatically be in the mood or have enough energy to even if we haven't slept much, or power through his back pain or my headaches or anxiety (actually once you have sex it can really help anxiety but being in the right frame of mind can be a challenge!).
I found it much less stressful when I was completely naive to my reproductive system, 'back in the day' when I thought it was as easy as have sex and a baby magically appeared after nine months. Lol. But I became pregnant very easily back then and it wasn't an issue, despite being overweight at the time. I paid zero attention to my body or my cycles except to have an idea of when af would probably arrive. It was quite blissful!
But these days, after having other issues which have had an impact (or at least, these are the only reasons I can find as to why I would be finding it harder now), I find myself experiencing symptoms of low progesterone and having chemical after chemical and seventeen cycles later, no baby to show for our efforts. Initially it was exciting, it was a new thing and I enjoyed learning about things but after this many cycles it becomes stressful. I know there are people with much harder problems than I have and who have been trying for years rather than months, but it's hard nonetheless

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