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Ttc diets

Ladies, we are all passionate about our diet. Its important for fertility to be healthy. And its important to not do crazy fad diets. Most of us have access to doctors and nutritional experts. Most of us have reasons to follow a specific diet. It does hurt when people write off your personal choices as unhealthy without understanding your journey and without understanding the science behind it.
Can we please keep this thread blame free?
I believe that as long as you stay away from simple carbs, preservatives and eat clean, then any diet can be good as long as it works FOR YOU.

I personally follow keto since its the only diet that has:
1)regulated my hormones
2) cured my insulin resistance
3) helped me to lose weight
4) is not restricting me on anything healthy
5) cured my high cholesterol
6) increased my egg health

I eat more than 2kg of veg a day. I supplement my veg with organic/grassfed cheese, cream, meat, butter, eggs.
I have some berries and 90% chocolate when I have need for sweets. I am being monitored by a doctor.
But, i am not saying that this is the only diet that helps fertility.
Simply the only one that works for me in my journey.

Tell me that works for you, and in this way we can build up a list of healthy ways of eating for newbies to choose from.

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Thank you for creating this thread I donít find keto to be extreme, just hard as there are carbs EVERYWHERE. Itís difficult to eliminate breads, pastas, sugars, and so many foods have hidden sugars. But Iím just under 6 weeks into this journey and Iím down 23 pounds, 80 pounds from my first goal. Iíve never felt better, and my sex drive is through the roof lol!

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I don’t necessarily restrict my carbs to the point of ketosis, but I do follow a grain free, paleo/primal lifestyle I only eat real foods—nothing processed, and no added sugar. It tends to be significantly lower carb and higher fat than than the SAD.

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So glad you made this post. It finally hit me 3 months ago I needed to take some responsibility for my infertility. I started with low carb diet lost 10lbs first week and continuing to lose. My skin cleared up, I felt regulated, cut out all processed foods sugars and I will only drink water or a diet pepsi for energy. I strongly believe in the diet. I was not obese but 160lbs at 5'7 and was advised 3yrs ago by my ob to loose weight to help with fertility. Just now listening and down 15lbs

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