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Faint line pregnancy test PLZ HLP!!!

Ok so last night I took a dollar store pregnancy test which showed the dark pink line and a faint line as well right away. My sister in law suggested I go to the store and buy another test. So I bought a 2 pack of the Family dollar generic brand of the first response tests and took both tests. Both showed the same results right away and stayed that way for an hour. I put them in my purse and this morning when I took them out to show my fiancÚ the dollar store test still showed the same but the 2 family dollar tests no longer showed the faint lines in the PREGNANT window!!! Help what does this mean????

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My understanding is that the tests only count within the time limit detailed in the instructions. Congratulations!

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If it showed two lines in the time limit it is positive, congratulations!! Disregard anything they show after the time limit.

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If it's in the time limit then it is positive. Congratulations!

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Yep that's a real BFP. Congrats!!

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I would recommend taking something like a FRER to be sure. "Disappearing positives" are a thing, and unfortunately, often mean it was not a genuine positive. The time limit is primarily to avoid getting evaporation lines, which look like positives but are the result of the test drying out over time.

It sounds like you may very well be pregnant, though, so FX that a nicer test will give you a firmer prognosis!

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