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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Please help

Hi everyone,

So I think I'm about 3/4 dpo but not sure as it's my 1st cycle of tracking. But got postive opks on the 21st then negs after that. I also had a lot of cramping so I knew ov was happening. But I've been doing some research online about cm after ov as mine has now gone a little bit sticky in texture and wondered what this ment. Apparently It means conception hasn't happened! So I guess I'm out already and don't need to bother with testing! Has anyone else had sticky cm but got a bfp? I'm feeling really disheartened and emotional as me and Dh put our all in ttc this month. Dtd almost every day from cd3 so we wouldn't miss ov. Does anyone have any advice? Do I count this month as a no go or has anyone had this type of cm and been pregnant?

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Don't worry! I can't say I noticed any extra or different cm with my first and with my second I only noticed more cm after I found out I was pregnant with him. With my third I didn't notice an increase in cm. Bearing in mind I wasn't purposely checking it, but if I had loads more I would have noticed.
With the chemicals I have had now I have noticed both increased and decreased cm, sticky cm, creamy cm and occasionally ewcm.
The problem with Dr Google is you'll find a wealth of contradicting information on there, many saying you MUST have loads of creamy or lotiony cm, some saying it won't matter and isn't telling of anything (which is right), and others saying what you read. Cm can be a sign but for as many people as it is a sign, it isn't a sign. It tells you much more about ovulation than it does about pregnancy so take it with a pinch of salt and remember that every woman is different as is every pregnancy.
Something I didn't remember to add - once you ovulate the corpus luteum which is leftover from ovulation, produces progesterone which is necessary for sustaining a pregnancy. This makes cm dry up most of the time, especially early on in your lp. Oestrogen helps make fertile cm, and this is the hormone in the driving seat before ovulation, which is why you notice quite obvious changes in cm around this time. But after ovulation, because of the increase in progesterone (before ovulation our levels are close to 0, after they increase up to about 30 I think, but this varies and for some it's much lower, which could be why they may see more cm. I'm guessing though, but it seems logical that because progesterone dries up cm, the more we make the drier we are) our cm does naturally become more tacky and sticky, so this is really a positive sign that you're making progesterone and your body is doing what it should to prepare for a fertilised egg to implant. It absolutely doesn't mean you haven't been successful

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