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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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How to Get Your Body to Ovulate Regularly?

Hi ladies.

Super upset today. I thought I ovulated on CD 22 (12/3) with a temp dip, then spike the next morning, VERY positive OPKs and EWCM (which I never have). Well, what I thought was 2 and 3 DPO, my temps are back to pre-O temps. My body has tried two other times in the cycle to ovulate (positive OPKs, but not as dark as this last one. I took them off of FF to help pinpoint actual ovulation).

A "normal" cycle for me is about 35 days. But that isn't usual and they can range from 20-80 days. This is the first all-out-TTC cycle using temps, OPKs, and CM tracking at once.

I have PCOS. I just want to know why my body keeps failing. It isn't about stress, I have been very relaxed and quite happy this cycle, and part of my TTC process was a lot of relaxation time. There isn't much online regarding this, so I thought I would ask here. How can insure that I have a strong and regular ovulation? I'm afraid my egg quality may be at risk, but I don't know how true that could be.

Thank you.

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I can't give you any answers as I'm new to all this, but I don't ovulate regular either so I'm just popping in to give you some support and let you know that you are not alone. I know their are ladies on this site you can give you some answers.

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