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Anyone TTC suffering with bowel problems

I've been TTC #2 for a few months now. I've been suffering with my bowels tho for the last 6 months since I got diagnosed with an internal pile & needed laxatives to help. My pile hasn't gone & although I've managed to reduce the laxative I can suffer some days going the toilet lots then feeling sore & getting an external pile
My doctor has now suggested I may have IBS & has done a blood test this week to get for allergies also.
I don't think I'm helping myself as I'm so stressed & anxious about it all & I'm really stressing how pregnancy could affect it all but I've already put back trying & the age gap is getting so big.

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I have Crohn’s Disease and I have a 4 year old daughter. When I was pregnant, all my Crohn’s symptoms virtually disappeared. I could eat anything and not experience pain. Right now, we’ve been TTC #2 for 18 month. We got,pregnant right away with our daughter but it’s much harder this time for some reason. I do know that everyone is different....some people’s symptoms get worse with pregnancy and some get better. I was pretty lucky I guess. I was really worried too...but it worked out.

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