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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ovulation Question

I have irregular periods. I've had two prior to this but they're not set in stone when I will get them. We have been trying to conceive for two years alone but recently had help of birth control but I stopped taking it about two months ago which my periods stayed. Then just a little over a week ago, this was about a week after my last period, I had spotting in the morning, it was red so I thought well here we go again. But after two wipes of blood, it disappeared. Then the next wipe had a glob of clearish discharge. I've never seen it in my life so this is my question, what could be going on? Like I said I'm irregular. Have been for 5 years now & I only have one child but never experienced this before. It seems like my periods come later in the month, I have a week or so to expect one. Sorry if this is all TMI but I'm a little confused & I don't see my doctor again for another week, that's the soonest she could pencil me. So has anyone experienced this or know what this is? Oh & yes, still trying to conceive. I would appreciate all the help you can offer. Thanks in advance!

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Could be implantation? Have you tested? If you haven't then I would buy a few of the most sensitive tests you can find and try one, then do the other in a few days.
If you aren't pregnant then I would suggest temping and using OPKs so you have an idea of when you're about to ovulate and when you have ovulated

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