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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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CM Question

So, I haven't really been focusing on check my CM daily. But, lately when I go to the bathroom I've been noticing a lot of EWCM and Watery CM when I wipe. I'm CD 13 today and I've been noticing this since CD 10. It started as thicker EWCM on CD 10 and every day it's gotten a lot thinner but still stretchy. My question is, how long does fertile CM usually stick around for? I was having some cramping on my right side the past 2 days. So, I'm pretty sure my body is getting ready to ovulate if it hasn't already.

*I'm not using OPKs, never have been able to really get a positive on those anyways.

*I'm not charting anything really due to it just stressing me out. We decided to just take it easy and not chart this month.

*I'm 25 and have been trying since March.

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Mine lasts a good 7-9 days usually :-)

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I don't chart either at the moment but have regular cycles and believe I ovulate on CD14/15. I normally have watery CM from around CD10 progressing to increasingly EWCM from CD12-15. It then seems to drop off pretty quickly...

Good luck TTC!

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