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TTC with a short changable luteal phase

I've been tracking my ovulation the last three months while TTC & my cycles & luteal phase seem to be so changeable,wondering if it could indicate something is wrong.
In Oct my luteal phase was 13 days,Nov 10 days & Dec 10days.
My cycle length in Oct was 28 days, Nov 26 days & Dec 25 days.

I've been tracking my cycles for the whole year & they used to be pretty much every 27 days & although I didn't track ovulation noticing my cm would put my ovulation a few days earlier than it is now also, then a few months before we started trying they seem to have gone a bit up & down.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Did you have any illness during those months, or experience unusual stress? Either of those things can cause a change in cycle.

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