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Anyone else have Nausea before and during AF?

so this past months cycle was super weird for me. I started cramping and becoming nauseous 8 days before AF arrived. I always cramp and have sore breast just 2 days or so before AF not a week! The sore breast never happened this time but i continued to cramp.
About 5 days before AF started I checked for cervical mucus and changes and i noticed super tiny bit of blood in clear mucus, we DTD the night before so I didnt pay much attention to it and chalked it up to maybe being a little too rough? Lol. and it was never enough to see while wiping and i think they only way i did see it was because of checking cervix.
All BFN on test prior to AF starting. I am on day 4 of AF and bleeding has pretty much stopped, its at the end with the brown and very tiny bit. Normally i get lots of clots and bleed heavy for at least 2 days and go about a total of 5. this time it was light the first day, second day heavy but didnt notice clots like normal ( still had them though). 3rd day was so light i couldnt use a tampon anymore and then today its pretty much done.
i still feel super tired, nauseous, and my left shoulder and arm have begin to hurt and feel restless. still mild cramping and more to the left side near upper pelvic ( hip bone area). I have read online that PMS/Menstruation can cause nausea but it subsides once AF begins.

Has anyone else experienced any of this ?

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I would see a doc. Sometimes etopic pregnancies present like that.

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