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Anyone chart BBT?

when do you see spikes after O?

When do you see dips?

when does your temps come down before AF?

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I think most of us do BBT, because it's the only sure way to track when (and if) you've ovulated.

Your temp should rise above coverline the day following ovulation, and remain elevated, thought the occasional dip is okay. Some women experience a dip on the day of ovulation, but many don't. An "implantation dip" between 6-12dpo is also common, when a fertilized egg attempts to attach itself to the uterine lining. Not all women experience implantation dips, and not all implantation dips mean that the attempt at attaching was successful.

As for when the temp drops before AF, that seems to vary from woman to woman. For me, I typically start to drop a day or two before AF hits, with the final drop below coverline usually occurring on the day of AF's arrival. The exception was last cycle - I had a chemical pregnancy, and AF hit while my temperature was still elevated.

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You can see my chart in my signature. As far as dips are concerned, as you can see, I have quite a few of them, and my lowest one isn't always O day. I don't know if it's the same for other. Your rise should be the day after o, but it's not always a big jump right away, that's why you usually need 3 high temps to confirm you did ovulate.

For me, AF doesn't give me much of a warning. I usually have my dip in temp the day OF, so I never really know ahead that the 2 weeks wait was a bust!

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