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Struggling to conceive after two miscarriages

Hi ladies,

We are TTC number 2. I had a miscarriage in March last year, which I had surgery for. I then had another miscarriage in July, which was a natural miscarriage. We started TTC again in September but haven't been successful. (We did have a couple of months break around October / November while having house renovations done and living with the in-laws!)

Deep down I know these things take time but I've always fallen pregnant really quickly, usually the first month of trying. I can't help but worry that something is wrong. I've also had the odd pain which seems to be coming from my ovary, not always around the time of ovulation. Also last month, I had spotting 5 days before my period, which was strange. This month my period isn't due until Wednesday but I've started spotting again today. I know it's not implantation.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I get so upset every time I get a period and have started panicking that this may never happen for us again. I know I should relax and everyone says it'll happen when it's meant to. But that's easier said than done! Should I go to the doctors or is it too soon for that?


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I'm very sorry for your losses. I've been there many times.

If you are experiencing unusual pain or have concerns, it doesn't hurt to get in touch with your doctor.

That said, for a healthy couple, it's perfectly normal for it to take up to a year of TTC for a pregnancy to occur. At this point, if you haven't fallen pregnant since you started TTC in September, you're still well within a range that is considered normal.

I understand the concerns. I've always fallen pregnant very easily, and this time hasn't been quite the same. But I'm also older now, so that's a factor, and things like stress levels, etc., have changed.

And sometimes, it's simply the luck of the draw! It could be taking longer for no real reason aside from chance.

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I am sorry for your losses but please don't worry there seems to be no reason why you won't fall pg again. I have been pg 4 times and each time it has taken me very different amounts of time to conceive, ranging from 19 months to 1 month. I hope you get your rainbow soon!

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