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Cycles suddenly shortening?

My cycles are typically 28-30 days long...but now all of a sudden they are only 26 days long. Is this normal?

I'm 32 and we are hoping to try for baby #3 in the next few months and I can't help but worry that the shortened cycles are caused by a change of my fertility or something...

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If they are regular, you're having normal period bleeding, you should be ok! My cycles actually started getting longer, they used to be bang on 28 days, now they are always 33/34 days..I think it's just normal changes in your body.

Are you taking OPK's? You can see if you're ovulating and as your cycle length have changed, you will probably O on a different day compared to old cycles, so it may be helpful to pinpoint ovulation a little better, then you'll know when is best to BD when you do start trying. Track a few cycles now (nothing too intense) and you'll get a head start

I'm no expert but this would make the most sense.

Stress could be a factor. If you're really concerned, see a doc or get some tests done. But it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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